Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Alley Cats Vintage: The Auction - Only the Strong Survive

Over my lifetime I have spent many hours/days in strange people’s backyard waiting on that one item I can’t live without. Usually I never get that item but end loading my car with boxes of strange musty unidentifiable objects that I have no use for. My greatest fear is what will crawl out of those boxes as I race down the highway to get home before my husband finds out I’ve done it again.

I’ve made a great deal of new friends attending these auctions since my particular addiction seems to be very common among the masses.

When I was younger I could withstand freezing temperatures and downpours of rain. I’ve always managed to find a friend to endure with me. It’s funny how the word auction makes everyone loose their common sense.

One particular day in April of 1988 I lured a friend to some deceased person’s backyard for the ‘auction’. After hours of severe cold it started to snow. I was lucky enough to purchase a lovely 100 year old quilt. My friend had only purchased 10 boxes of molded books so they were of no use to us unless we could build a fire. When the snow started, of course leaving was out of the question since there was still plenty of broken dishes to buy, I was forced to cover us with my fine quilt. Then I spilled my coffee on the quilt. Ok that could be cleaned. What? There’s an oil lamp for sale...I’ve got to have there’s two...I get them both. ....filled with colored lamp oil. My hands were so frozen I couldn’t hold onto the lamps...over they go onto the couple in front of us and yes all over the quilt which by that time was our only lifeline.

After spending several more hours in the blowing snow and freezing temperatures the auction ends. So we load up and head to the landfill to drop off 10 boxes of books, 2 broken oil lamps and a ruined quilt. And while at the landfill I picked up the finest cat I’ve ever had the privilege of living with. So all in all it was another wonderful successful day.

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Lizzie said...

Cute story. At least the cat worked out!