Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fred Perlberg - My Kind of Guy

Well known Fashion Designer Fred Perlberg started his own design business in 1920 at 525 7th Avenue which now houses designers such as Ralph Lauren, Nicole Miller and Jones New York. Not much is seen of his earlier work up until about 1935 when he presented the first of his heavy high sheen satin gowns better known as liquid satin. He was known for simple affordable formal wear for women, simple on style and heavy on glamour. His earlier gowns from the late 30s and early 40s were used for bridesmaid and rumor has it wedding gowns. I have never been so lucky to find or even see one of his wedding gowns. Bridesmaid gowns were paired with matching satin gauntlets and picture hats. Once worn for the bridal party, budget savy American Women would reuse the gowns for formal affairs.


Colors that I have seen are celery green, pink, champagne and gold/yellow. This heavy satin fabric is easily damaged. Corsages were worn pinned to the waist or shoulder area leaving rubs in the fabric which is un-repairable.

My love affair with Fred Perlberg began many years ago when I discovered one of his gowns at a little antique shop. Captivated by this 1940's beauty I have always been on watch for more of his classic styles.. The sight of a Fred Perlberg label sends chills up my spine.

Today you can still find earlier Perlberg satin gowns but be careful. Many have been altered and have fabric damage due to improper storage. Unfortunately satin is not an enduring fabric. I suppose no different than other vintage clothing but then to lose a Perlberg........

He designed until 1968 and sold the label to Roger Milot in approximately 1970. Sadly he passed away at the age of 90 in 1991. He was named Man of the Year by the fashion industry in 1968.

Sorry girls but this beauty has been sold by Vintage Baubles


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