Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Many Faces of 70s' Fashions

I think the 70s get a really bum rap when it comes to its fashions. People usually think of the clichéd polyester leisure suits, ugly wild prints, and over-the-top disco styles. And, yes, we did live through those, if just barely. But, the 70s were a decade of ever-changing fashions, many that have either endured through today, or have seen repeated resurrections over the years, such as platform shoes, hippie-inspired jewelry, bell bottoms, and more. It was the era when mod met rock, and rock met disco. When flower child met hippie, and hippie met dance-club maven. When culture was in the throes of near-cataclysmic change--from the peace movement to the "me" movement.


And as the decade evolved, so, too, did the fashions. So, the 70s weren't just big collars and big shoes. They featured sleek, chic styles, such as Yves St. Laurent's pantsuits and Diane von Furstenberg's wrap dress, perfect for the decade's modern woman, as well as affordable trendy fashions for the young. Companies such as Jonathan Logan, David Crystal, and even Bobbie Brooks offered all the "in" looks of the day. Some of the stores that had great junior departments were Sears and Montgomery Wards, where you could find good-looking, nicely made fashions, including some designer-licensed lines.


So, the 70s weren't really all that bad, after all. And we at Reflections of Vintage have a few classic pieces from the era to share today with you!

The maxi dress was a staple in the early to mid 70s:

Like this Designer Mr. B. Border-Print Caftan in Purple and White Novelty Floral Print from Catseye Vintage:


And a Gay Gibson Black and Paisley BoHo Corset Maxi Dress from After Dark Vintage:

And this
Designer Don Luis de Espana Corset Laced Maxi Dress from My Vintage Cocktail:

How about those quintessential floral prints like this Bright Floral Vintage 1970s Velour Long Skirt from After Dark Vintage:


Don't forget accessories like these:

Hand Carved and Stamped Leather Pendant Boho Necklace
from Catseye Vintage:

Italian Plastic Bead Boho Hippie Shoulder Bag Purse from My Vintage Cocktail:



Pattern Junkie said...

I have a serious weakness for 70s fashion -- thanks for a great post! (I even adore big collars...)

thevintagetraveler said...

It's funny you posted this because I was just thinking how the 70s were looking better and better to me!

Anne, Vintage Baubles said...

Actually, when you compare 70's fashions to 80's styles, I prefer the 70's! And there are a whole lot of ways, to my anyway, that the 70s are looking better and better these days....