Monday, August 9, 2010


Wild About Madmen.....

How many of you are fans of the show Madmen? I'm so excited that season 4 has begun.

The 1960's were a vast range of styles. The early 60s had the classic look of the 1950's with the beginnings of a new more mod look. Still showing the conservative look of the 50s, very feminine with cinched waists and full skirts but with delicate shoulder treatments. Women dressed to please their husbands, always wearing a girdle, heels, and of course the proper jewelry.

Madmen starts in this era when the fashions were exploding with color. The vintage fashions are a wonderful feature of this show. Joan and Betty never have a fashion miss-step. All their colorful form fitting dresses, classic brooches and my favorite, those long slim envelope style handbags, always perfect.

Many of these styles can still be purchased and are in the stores of our network of vintage sellers. Take a few minutes and check out this wild mixture of our MADMEN FASHIONS.

All of these fashions are available from:

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