Friday, August 27, 2010

My Love of a Good Magazine

Even as a child I loved magazines. Aunts and Uncles would bring me their old magazines and I would add them to my stash. Unfortunately my parents weren’t wild about my collection, so slowly while I was at school my piles got smaller. Didn’t matter to them that we had every issue of National Geographic on shelves in our basement....that belonged to them....Ladies Home Journal, McCalls, Seventeen, Vogue, and Glamour just wasn’t in the same league as National Geographic.

Today I continue searching for those vintage magazines I found so entertaining in my youth. I search flea markets and antique stores looking for that perfect issue to add to my collection. You can find rare issues in many online venues but nothing compares to the thrill of actually capturing them from estates and auctions.

Mountains of information can be gleamed from the pages, even if only for a chuckle. Mainly for me it takes me down memory lane when life was simple and often humorous. I especially love the ads. Does anyone remember. “Unguentine”? Did you know Greer Garson was a cook and created many recipes? And “You’ll feel lovelier with your ODO-RO-NO double circle of protection”? I’m not sure what you do with it exactly but I’m sure it worked wonderfully.

I’m much ridiculed about my old magazines but I find NO one comes to my house without picking one up and diligently studying each page and eventually screaming ‘my Mother had one of these’. My greatest compliment came from my husband when he asked if he could have one of my 1966 Consumer Guides to take to work for his friends to admire.

When you find them don’t pass them by. There’s a wealth of entertainment inside those pages. After all don’t we all want to know who Eddie Fisher dated after Liz dumped him?

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